RediTruck offers innovative technology and efficiency to Shippers, Brokers, and Carriers at very affordable rates. A Shipper or Broker are charged only $10.99 per connection. Fleet owners and Truckers are charged a monthly subscription at only $5.99 each per month or, receive a 10% discount if you sign up for a 1-year subscription. 
Best of all, it's free to post loads on the app and view the posts anytime!

*For Enterprise or large quanities of shipments, please contact us for a discount rate!

Redi​Truck Features

RediTruck, Inc. presents a revolutionary web & mobile app. RediTruck solves problems by connecting shippers and brokers with trusted and verified drivers, with real-time patent tracking technology. Our platform is directly connected with DOT to insure license and insurance verification. By intergrating our cloud base technology into your platform, you can ensure your business is the most efficient. Save time, money and provide top quality shipments every time!  

Shippers can find a trucker who is nearby in just seconds. One who is ready to haul their shipment immediately. They'll know the trucker has a good rating and has all of the necessary paperwork completed in seconds.

Truckers can locate loads on their smartphone or tablet within minutes. Submit a bid along with all paperwork electronically in minutes, ensuring a better ROI

Fleet Owners

Automatic shipping insurance on every load. Our simple and fast shipping algorithms guarantee you'll never need to call around for the best deal. Manage entire fleet at the tip of your fingers.

Submit a shipment and receive quotes from trusted, DOT verified truckers or fleet owners within seconds. Communicate with drivers on the way. Track the shipment and map the driver in real-time.
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  1. Web app
    Web app
  2. Real Time battery saving technology
    Real Time battery saving technology
    For shipment tracking, mapping
  3. Top Qualified Truckers
    Top Qualified Truckers
    For shipments at your fingertips

Copyright 2016 All rights reserved. RediTruck, Inc.

Copyright 2016 All rights reserved. RediTruck, Inc.